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The Sound Mind E-Book

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The Sound Mind E-Book

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Here’s An Inside Look At The Production Strategies And Workflow Techniques Used By Leading Audio Professionals

I’m going to Share proven methods that will help you to dramatically improve your productions and  become more successful as a Music Producer.

Here are the challenges every serious producer faces…

“How can I get my beats to stand out and still be relevant?”

“How can I avoid beat block and start finishing my beats?”

“How can I compete with musicians who have been studying music all of their lives?”

“What tools do I really need to make my audio sound more professional?”

“What moves should I make in order to make a career out of my music production?”

 If you haven’t had one of these questions in your mind, you’re probably not serious about advancing as a producer. These are all serious questions that can leave you in a lost and uninspired state if left unanswered.

The strategies I’m going to layout are for serious producers only, if you aren’t serious about music production, you can leave now…

If you lose inspiration and focus for too long, you’ll eventually quit making music altogether! I constantly see producers who give up after only a few years of chasing their dream. Most of the time they give up because they had unrealistic expectations about music production. 

Many producers think that all they need are beats that sound like the ones used by the hottest artists in order to be successful. They spend all of their time finding the sounds, tools and techniques used to produce specific songs while missing out on the actual nuts and bolts of what really works in music and why.

You can have all of the technical knowledge, tools and sound libraries in the world and still not have the right approach to get professional results.

 The truth is that you don’t have study music for 20 years in order to become a professional in the music industry. You don’t need to own every professional tool on the market to get pro results. You don’t have to rely solely on selling beats and working with artists to make a career out of music .

What if I told you there are better ways to accomplish your goals in music production?

Here’s the secret to your success, are you ready?

Your approach to music production is everything; and that starts with a realistic and practical understanding of the craft. Your approach needs to give you the freedom to be yourself while still maintaining a high level of professionalism. You need to use a strategy that embraces your individuality as a music producer. You can’t rely on a cookie cutter method to success as a producer.

Cookie cutter solutions don’t cut it for long term success in the music industry.

In my e-Book, The Sound Mind, I share a practical set of tools that can be customized to fit your unique needs as a music producer. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme for music producers, but rather a set of REAL methods that you can use to get consistent results with your productions.

There’s no replacement for putting in hours of work at your craft. You still have to put the work in to see great results. You can spend time learning things through trial and error, or you can spend your 10,000 hours focused on methods that actually get results.

You need to decide today how much you value your time and ultimately your career as a producer.

I want to share with you some real tools that you can use in your daily production process. I want to give you the knowledge and wisdom that will help you to become more intentional and focused in your career.

Did you notice that I keep saying career? Isn’t that what we all ultimately want? A career that allows us to live off our passion of music production.

You don’t have to wait 10 years to start seeing results in your stride towards success as a producer.  Jump start your career with techniques you can put to practice today.

Are you ready to start getting better results with your production?

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Product Details

Digital E-Book in .pdf format

122 pages


Chapter 1: The Most Important Aspect of a Beat

Chapter 2: Should Beatmakers Learn Music Theory?

Chapter 3: How to Approach the Keyboard as a Beatmaker

Chapter 4: Sketching and Songwriting

Chapter 5: Overcoming Beat Block

Chapter 6: Is Sound Design for Everyone?

Chapter 7: Introduction to Drum Sound Design

Chapter 8: Introduction to Instrument Sound Design

Appendix A: Income Streams for Audio Producers

Appendix B: Recommended Reading


3 reviews for The Sound Mind E-Book

  1. Bryan (verified owner)

    Great Book my brotha! I like the fact that you touch on subjects that most producers don’t talk about in this book. Little things like health and rest. Were so use to hearing the stay up all night and don’t sleep stories. I definitely agree that those little things are important. Also the things you discuss about music theory gave me some insight to dig deeper myself. Ive been producing over 15 years and this book definitely gave me some extra key nuggets to think about when creating. I recommend this book to the beginner and the person who’s been creating for years.

    Great job Justin!!

  2. Brandon Mifsud (verified owner)

    If you’re just getting into music production… this should be the first book you pick up. And if you’ve been producing for years, it’ll help you reevaluate your craft, revise the fundamentals, and may even help you find potential career paths that you never considered before.

    It doesn’t contain advanced mic techniques, specific settings to use on your favorite multi-band compressor, or in-depth instructions for the recording functions of your DAW…

    What it does contain is J Myracks’ hand-picked set of fundamental principles and ideas for you to thrive as a music producer. And it’s worth every penny he charges for it!

  3. William Boswell (verified owner)

    There are a lot of books that claim to help producers to be better at their craft but I feel this one is to the point. It’s message comes across very clear and it makes for a interesting as well as an easy read. At just over a hundred pages I found that I breezed through it while picking up a healthy dose of valuable information. Everything from drum selection, mood of instruments, music theory, as well as revenue sources was covered in this book. I consider this a valuable asset to have in my music library (especially considering the low cost). I’m looking forward to more in the future.

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