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Roland JV-1080 64-Voice Synthesizer Module

Altruwest » Roland JV-1080 64-Voice Synthesizer Module

Roland JV-1080 64-Voice Synthesizer Module


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The actual unit can be seen in action at 7:50:

About the JV-1080:

The Roland JV-1080 synthesizer is one of the most influential MIDI sound modules of all time. This synth has been used on many of the definitive R&B and West Coast Hip Hop records of the mid 90s through the early 2000s.

The sonic range of the JV-1080 is vast and versatile. You can hear many of it’s lead synths and pads used on records by artists ranging from Usher to the Eastsidaz. Today you can hear artists such as Bruno Mars incorporating the sonic influence of the JV-1080 on commercial recordings.

The acoustic and electric instruments have a very distinctive tone that was carried over into many of Roland’s subsequent synths such as the XV series, Fantom and Integra-7 synthesizers. These sounds are perfect for producers looking to instantly capture those classic 90’s vibes.

The JV-1080 is equipped with four expansion slots giving you access to even more sound sources and tons of presets.

This synth is an undeniable classic that has made a huge mark on urban and electronic music.

Technical Specifications:

Polyphony – 64 Voices

Oscillators – Digital, LAS, 8MB Samples expandable to 42

LFO – 2 LFO’s (sine, saw, square, triangle, trapezoid, sample&hold, random and chaos) w/ key or external sync. Can modulate the pitch, filter, pan, or level

Filter – TVF (lowpass, bandpass, high pass, peak) with cutoff, resonance, key follow and velocity sensitivity

VCA – TVA ADSR (tone level, pan, key follow)

Memory – 640 Patches, 128 performances

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 8 in