DISCOVER The Easiest Way to Integrate your MPC and Maschine With Logic Pro

This Logic Pro Template will help you...

    • Reclaim the use of the transport controls on your MPC or Maschine hardware controller
    • Seamlessly record and sequence Logic Pro X instrument sounds such as: EXS24, EVP88, Sculpture, ES1, ES2, Alchemy and more.
    • Avoid the confusing QWERTY keyboard behavior of the groovebox in plugin mode
    • Utilize the groovebox features such as: note repeat, pattern switching, 16 levels, keyboard mode and more.
    • Quickly use drag and drop audio and MIDI functions to transfer finished sequences in Logic Pro
    • Remove the hassle of synchronizing two sequencers during recording

See the Logic Pro Multitimbral Sound Module Template in Action...

How to use Logic Pro (Template) with Maschine or Akai MPC Software

Beat Making with Maschine 2 & the Logic Pro X Sound Module Template

Making Beats on the MPC Renaissance with Logic Pro X as a Sound Module

What People Are Saying...

  Tia C, Verified Owner

“Money well spent!!! J’s template works and it works well!”

B. Pace, Verified Owner

“I get to use the best of both worlds!”

  DJ O.Gee DITC, Verified Owner

“This opened the door for new sounds, and a expanded workflow for me while using the MPC Touch.”

Coke Train, Verified Owner

“Before stumbling upon this template I was having a hard time tracking my beats out using my Maschine and Logic.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does this template work with Logic Pro X?

Answer: The download includes both Logic Pro 9 and Logic Pro X versions of the template. You when you open the template you will need to make sure that your Logic Pro X is setup to show Advanced Tools in the preferences:

Enable All so that the template can load the environment correctly when you load the Logic Pro X version.

Question: Does this template work with Maschine 1.5-1.8?

Answer: This template can work with Maschine 1.5-1.8 however keep in mind that Maschine 1.5-1.8 can only address one MIDI port at a time. You will have to use the IAC driver as your sole MIDI port in Maschine 1.5-1.8 in order to work with this template.

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