“My Music Production Studio is Better Than Yours”

Are you building your studio for yourself or are you building a studio to impress other producers and musicians?

Every music producer must live his/her own truth. Many producers get caught up in trying to impress other producers with their gear choices and studios they build for themselves. In this video I’m discussing how this culture of trying to impress other producers with gear can keep us from truly walking in our own purpose as producers.

Opportunities for Music Producers and Composers – 2017 Survival Guide

Technology has changed the music production world forever and we must come to terms with this as music producers. The large scale democratization of music production tools has given everyone an opportunity to participate in the world of music making. Aspiring music producers can now begin writing, recording and producing their own music at home for a fraction of the costs of recording an album 20 years ago. Software instruments, effects, affordable computers and audio interfaces have forever changed the climate of the music industry as more producers are finding ways to create at an unprecedented rate. On top of this phenomenon, we are faced with the widespread availability of information surrounding the tools and techniques necessary to create music. Any would be producer can simply search on YouTube today and instantly find a wealth of information and tutorials on the subject of music production.

With these technological changes comes the requirement for the music composer and music producer to begin to shift their thinking about the traditional function of their respective roles in order to stay relevant. Vocal artists and songwriters have access to the same tools and information that music producers have access to which means that the relationship between the vocalist and producer will never be the same. Gone are the days of a rapper, singer or songwriter needing to wait for studio time in order to produce music or even record an idea for that matter; it can all happen in the comfort of their own home studio. Vocal artists are now at a point where they need to weigh the costs and benefits of purchasing beats from music producers today versus buying the tools to create music themselves. This ultimately means that the music composers and music producers of today need to reassess the positioning of their productions and skills in order to stay relevant.

In this video I discuss the challenges that music producers face today as well as the importance of including sound content creation as a part of your repertoire in order to continue providing value in this music space. Sound content development is a huge opportunity for music producers as the products can range from individual drum one shots and music loops, to full fledged software instruments and effects. These sound content products will always be a necessary ingredient for anyone looking to create music, but especially for those who do not have the time and skill to develop this content on their own. Music producers and composers provide a level expertise in sound and music arrangement that will always be relevant and continue to grow in importance as more consumers explore music making. This video includes content development strategies and resources that every music producer should be incorporating in order to survive and continue to expand their brand and their value in this music industry.

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Business Tips for Independent Artists and Musicians 2017

Being an independent Artist or Musician is very much like running a small business. In this video I discuss the challenges that independent artists face as well as business strategies indie artists can use to overcome those challenges. This video covers the importance of identifying the right audience and providing the correct modalities of content to that audience. Also covered in this video: release strategies for indie artists, how to build a local following, how to leverage your following to create partnerships and how to avoid getting bad deals as an indie up and coming artist. This video contains excerpts from my live stream on 6-25-17 entitled “Indie Vs Signed and Why I Don’t Chase Placements with Major Labels”.

Unlike artists signed to a major Label, independent artists are responsible for managing all aspects of the production the products that they release to the public.

Independent artists are responsible for hiring, subcontracting and negotiating rates for all ancillary personnel and services that their businesses makes use of including: composers, arrangers, musicians, studios, engineers, promoters, marketing managers, graphic designers, videographers, video editors, merchandise manufacturers, web and domain services etc.

Indie artists are also responsible for the marketing of all of their products such as: singles, EP’s, albums, music videos, concerts, live events, merchandise, etc. As an independent, you control the direction of the messaging for each product and service that you provide. It’s your responsibility to identify where your audience is as well as which platforms and methods provide the best communication with your audience.

Some of the major benefits of being an independent artist include:

1.) You have more control over the creative direction of your art and business without having to shape it to fit the vision or the needs of another party.

2.) You can release projects at a pace that fits the needs of your audience without waiting for the project to be approved by another entity.

3.) You have the ability to own the relationships that your product releases create if you run your business correctly.

4.) You keep more of the revenue associated with your products and events.

5.) You control the players involved with the production, marketing, sales and management of your business. If something is not working you can respond as you see fit.

The strategies and tips outlined in the video are meant to give independent artists actionable tools to capitalize on the incredible opportunities available in 2017.