In this live stream we’re discussing the Yamaha Motif ES6 and it’s ability to act as a real time audio effect processor for studio applications. The demonstration begins at 3:24. Later in this stream we discuss iPad based applications and other music production techniques.

Motif ES6 Song Mode/Mixing/Edit Screen

In order to use the Motif ES6 as a real time effect processor you will need to use the keyboard in either Song or Pattern Mode.

Once in the appropriate mode, you can configure the Motif ES Analog-Digital Inputs to have up to 2 insert effects in real time. In order to use insert effects on the “AD” you will have to sacrifice the use of inserts on at least 1 channel on the Motif ES, since you can only have 8 active channels of insert sets.

To access this feature from the Song Mode main screen:

Press the [MIXING] Button

Then press the [EDIT] Button

Then press the [F6] button to navigate to the “EFFECT” tab

Then press [SF2] to navigate to the “INS SW” tab

Once on the EFFECT tab, use the cursor keys to move to channel 8* and turn “off” the insert effect using the Jog Wheel. (*Note: I chose channel 8 because it would allow me to use the first 7 channels of Motif ES sounds with the original insert chains intact. If you are strictly using the Motif ES as an effect processor, you can choose channel 1.)

Once you’ve freed up a insert channel, you can now use the cursor buttons to navigate down to the “AD” section and turn the Insertion switch “On”.

Once the inserts are activated on the “AD” path press [F5] to access the “AUDIO IN” screen:

Then press [SF2] to enter the “INS TYPE” screen.

From this screen you can begin configuring the effects in real time as shown in the live stream.

Hopefully that helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.