In this stream we’re discussing how to develop a targeted audience for your music. Whether you’re an artist or music producer, you’ll benefit from the discussion about setting goals that align with your purpose along with developing a content strategy, focusing on quality followers, as well how to not get caught up with chasing likes and views through doing whats popular.

Here’s a Breakdown of what we covered:

3:03 – iMaschine being used in the “All Eyez on Me” movie score
7:06 – Conversation about developing a targeted audience around your Music
29:09 – Do You Use the MPC or the Maschine More in Your Productions?
32:26 – What Do You Think About Sharing Projects vs Individual Tracks?
32:58 – How to incorporate Modern Production Techniques in your Music without Sounding like everyone else
37:56 – Are Business Cards Relevant?
40:27 – How to Drive People to Your Website
43:51 – Was it Hard to Learn the Play Keyboards?
45:47 – Dealing with past negativity and the power of Forgiveness
48:33 – How to Deal with Hyperacusis and protect your ears
51:30 – How to leverage personal interactions and physical products to create a community around your music
54:35 – What Skills do I need to sell more beats?
56:49 – What Compressors do I use for Mixing?
1:00:15 – What Books do I recommend for learning to sell?
1:02:48 – My Top 5 Most Influential Records that I learned from as a Producer
1:10:20 – Mackie Big Knob vs Apollo Interfaces
1:13:14 – What are my biggest influences on the business side of Music?
1:16:58 – Should I send my Beats out tagged or untagged to an A&R?
1:19:43 – How do you post high quality music up on Instagram?

Enjoy the stream and let me know if you have any questions!

Be Blessed,

J. Myracks