The Roland MV-8800 is a groove production and sampling powerhouse that I’ve wanted to check out for many years. I recently got the opportunity to get one in my studio and I must say that it truly has some powerful features that are still not commonly found on standalone grooveboxes today. Roland truly over specified this production machine, almost to a degree where it was too feature rich and too early technologically for the target audience. With the amount of complex features on the MV-8800, I knew that learning it would be some what of a challenge and that I would have to step out of my comfort zone in order to understand the workflow on this device. As an MPC user you can’t expect to move quickly on the MV-8800 immediately so in this video you will see me taking my time learning the sounds, the sampler, audio tracks and sequencer of the MV-8800.

Watch my first day with the Roland MV-8800 here: