In this week’s live stream we’re discussing social media marketing practices for music producers and musicians. During the stream I describe some of the mistakes that musicians make when marketing and promoting their music online as well some better methods and tools you can to use to look more professional.

Some main takeaways from this stream:

1.) Influencer Marketing is a legitimate industry. When using influencers to promote your products and services, make sure that you provide value to the influencer as well as to their audience.

2.) Organic reach on social media is dead because each platform is using algorithms to control the flow of content. You cannot simply post your content on social media and expect all of your audience to see the content.

3.) Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are all using an Ad based system of monetization.

4.) You can use the built in paid advertisement systems on the various social media sites to promote your music in the same manner that large companies use Television and Radio commercials; with much less overhead, more detailed targeting and better feedback.

5.) You need to do your research on where the attention is online. There is more engagement on Instagram than on Twitter for example, so your marketing will be most effective where the eyes are online.

6.) Make sure that you have a Facebook Business Page and an Instagram Business page if you want to take advantage of the paid advertisement features on those platforms.

You can watch the full stream here:

If you need help with your marketing, promotion or content strategy for your music don’t hesitate to reach out to me for consultation.

Be Blessed,

J. Myracks