In this video I walk you through my sampling and sound design process using the Teenage Engineering PO-14 (Sub) Pocket Operator with Native Instruments Maschine software.

Watch as I take synth tones that I shaped on the PO-14 Pocket Operator and create sample based synth instruments inside of the Maschine sampler, which are then used to create a funky groove.

During this video I highlight some important sampling and sound design techniques such as tuning and sustain looping. During this video I also sampled a children’s glockenspiel and created a synth like bell tone which I used to give the production a bit more of a spacey vibe.

This video is all about pushing creative limits with music production equipment and technology.

If you’re looking for creative inspiration, I believe you will get a ton of value out of this presentation.

Equipment Used:

SM57 Dynamic Microphone
Children’s Toy Glockenspiel
Teenage Engineering PO-14 Pocket Operator
Maschine MK2 w/ version 2 software
Scarbee Vintage Keys (Rhodes)
The Gentleman (Piano)
Motif ES6 (MIDI Control Only)
UAD Apollo Quad FW Audio Interface
Guitar Rig 5 (for tuning)