This latest video was made based on the request of several producers in the community. In this video I’m providing a demonstration of 3 workflow techniques that I use to integrate synthesizers into my MPC/Groovebox based productions. In this video you’ll discover:

1.) How to incorporate MIDI hardware synthesizers into an MPC based workflow

2.) How to create unique chords and one shot samples using virtual synths and mobile apps (Korg Gadget)

3.) How to use virtual instruments to create keygroups inside of the Akai MPC 4000 (and JJOS based systems)

During the process of this video I construct a Funk driven beat using all three of these workflow techniques to give you a highly practical application of these methods.

It is my hope that this video inspires you creatively and helps you to get more out of your Groovebox based workflow.

Let me know if you have any additional questions on this topic.

Be Blessed,

J. Myracks