Hey Fam,

Now I’ve always been a heavily MIDI based producer, however for the past few years I’ve become much more sample based in my workflow because I love the creative direction I can take using audio samples instead of MIDI.

Here’s a quick video highlighting my process of sampling and developing a beat with the MPC 4000.

I started off by sampling acoustic snare drums and claps using an SM57 through my Mike E Preamp.

Then I recorded the drum sounds into Logic Pro to make use of the effects. I followed up with some sound shaping an sound design using Logic Pro X.

Once I got the drum sound that I wanted, I resampled the drums into the MPC 4000.

Next came the bass guitar which was also sampled into the 4000 through Logic Pro X.

I added additional keyboard chords and synths that I sampled into the MPC to add a bit of harmony to the mix.

Check this video out and let me know if you have any questions.