Every era of recorded music has been influenced by recording technology and commercial media formats. We can easily observe the effects of technology across each decade of recorded music since the advent of recorded music.

I made this video as a follow up to the “Sampler Shootout” blog post I made last week in order to bring more perspective to the relevance of such tests. In this video we discuss the challenges that producers and engineers face when comparing older music with newer music along with some strategies on how to do better objective comparisons. This video addresses the importance of application when performing comparisons and deciding on studio equipment for projects. All engineers have to consider the formats of consumption when dealing with music and audio mixing, this is a part of the referencing process.

It’s important to keep application and listening formats in mind when discussing the benefits of certain studio equipment as well. We must ask the question, “How will the sonic benefits of this equipment translate to the most commonly used consumer devices?” This is a must see video for music producers who care about sound.

For your reference:

Mastered for iTunes Specifications

Mastered for iTunes Specs

RIAA Curve:

RIAA Equalization Standards

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