Update: Check out our latest Logic Pro X template for a more advanced method of using Logic Pro X with Maschine 2:

16-Multitimbral Sound Module Template

This video is a follow up to an older video I created, discussing how to integrate Maschine with Logic Pro. In this video I’m clarifying some of the issues that users are experiencing when using the method I introduced in my previous video, “Altruwisdom: Integrating Maschine with Logic” . In this video I’m discussing the Sound MIDI Batch Setup feature in Maschine. I’m also offering some use case scenarios for each of the mapping modes provided in the Sound MIDI Batch Setup. After watching this video you should have a better understanding of Maschine’s MIDI Mapping Modes and how they relate to the Control Mode in Maschine. Feel free to leave comments, questions and feedback as always.

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J. Myracks