In this video Im discussing my personal views on the concept of experimentation within Art. I believe that experimentation is a fundamental aspect of being an Artist. Experimentation is the key for Artists and Musicians that are looking to find their own signature sound. In this video I discuss the importance of developing a unique approach and methodology in your work.

Many of the tutorial videos that I have created in the past, are inspired by my own experimentation. One example of this experimentation led me to the development of the “Altruwisdom: Integrating Maschine with Logic” workflow. Keep in mind there are now many different tutorials that cover this topic, however the exact methods and workflow that I discussed in my video are unique to my personal understanding of Logic and Maschine.

There are no formulas to creativity and I personally do not subscribe to one set way of creating music. I believe that all of the tools available to us as musicians can be used in unique ways to further help shape our art. As a musician, I look at my studio as not only a place to record songs, but more so, a place for me to experiment in expressing myself using instruments and digital devices.

Experimentation is all about trial and error, which for some can be discouraging. Through trial and error you will indeed encounter failures and successes, which is a natural part of the process! I believe that we learn some of our greatest lessons in life through our failures, because our failures often resonate with us more profoundly than success.

I encourage all musicians young and old to continue to experiment; as experimentation is a gateway to developing new ideas. Art is about expressing our thoughts, imagination and perspective through our craft. Enjoy the video and feel free to discuss and provide feedback!

God Bless,

J. Myracks